"Kingdom Joe" Kucera is passionate about Jesus, and his sermons always inspire us toward that passion too. Today's message is about what glowing is... and is not. How we respond to hearing God's Word makes all the difference.

September 11, 2021

Blog - Storyteller

Our vision is "to see people telling stories of Jesus changing lives through them." But what counts as a "story"? How does it work? Hear Sarah Jo's take on storytelling in today's "blogcast."

Paul's story began with a different name and a wholly different "calling" than what his story ended with. He was Saul, the villain of the story, until he met Jesus face to face. Hear more about his amazing story and how it applies to us today in this powerful message.

September 7, 2021

Blog - Not Perfect

Jesus said, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted" (Matthew 5:4, NIV). Are you grieving the way things used to be? Are you hurting from all the world's heaviness? Sarah Jo "haz a sad;" hear how it's going in this post from August 21st.

We've been called to "shine the light" of Jesus. What does this mean? During the sermon series entitled "Illuminate Austin," we'll open the book of Acts to see how Jesus' followers illuminated the world with the light of Jesus.

How do you have an "aspirational discontent" and a "present contentment" at the same time? That's a mouthful! Learn what it means, in today's episode.

Philippians 4:6a says, "Be anxious for nothing...." In this world of chaos and uncertainty, how is that even possible? Find out Paul's recipe in this powerful episode.

Last week, we discussed the question, "Who am I?" This week, Jurie addresses the question, "Why am I?" How do we discover what is worthy of our very lives? Listen in as Jurie unpacks Philippians 3.

One of the biggest questions we all face is, "Who am I?" At each phase of our lives, we find ourselves seeking the answer to that question. Listen today to hear as Jurie draws the answer from Philippians 2.

July 31, 2021

Blog - Leadership

Biblical leaders and successful modern-day leaders have a lot in common. Today, Sarah Jo shows us how. Check us out on YouTube to hear daily devotionals created by members of 5twelve, as we walk through the book of Philippians together.

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